It's Hot - Let ME Cook!

Who in the world wants to cook when the heat index is 120? Well, ME, but, not YOU, right? How about you let me heat up my kitchen so that you can stay nice and cool?

For this week we've assembled a collection of items that can, mostly, be eaten cold/cool/room temperature (if you've got A/C, that is). A couple of them, you can slap on a cast iron skillet real quick-like. Just turn on that vent-a-hood, and your kitchen won't be much worse for the wear.

Place your order by five in the evening for pickup the following evening after 4pm.

Cold Salads (priced per pound):

~ Tabbouleh - This classic Middle Eastern salad made with bulghur wheat, mint, and tomatoes that will be sure to cool you off AND fill you up. $8
~ Thai Sesame Noodle Salad - A little garlicky, and little peanutty, a touch of Sriracha, a lot yummy! $7
~ Tomato Basil Pasta Salad - Tri-color vegetable rotini tossed in garden-fresh basil and tomato vinaigrette. Tangy and herbaceous. $6
~ Rosemary Dijon Potato Salad - What can we say? We love this stuff. $7
~ Dilled Red Cabbage Slaw - A beautiful slaw with dill weed and red wine vinegar. $6

Salsas - Have Yourself a Nacho Night! (priced per pint):

~ Traditional Tomato Salsa - We've recently been told that our garlicky, tomatoey, version is the "Best Ever!" You be the judge. All we know is that we eat this stuff breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between. It's great on some homefries with arugula and a fried egg (seriously, it is!). $7
~ Four Pepper Fire Salsa - A mixture of hot and sweet peppers. Smooth and spicy. Infinitely delicious. Serve over some grilled fish or chicken or, shoot, just on a chip! $8
~ Basil Tomatillo Salsa - Fresh basil adds a pleasant sweetness to the tang of the roasted tomatillos. $6
~ Black Bean and Corn Salsa - This stuff is goooooood. $7

Slap it on a Sammy, Spreads and Sandwich Fixins
(priced per pound):

~ Goodnight Gracie's Super Famous Incredibly Delicious Walnut Dijon Chicken Salad - Don't just take our word for it; try it out. You'll become a believer. We promise. $10
~ Pimiento Cheese
- Yep, we know everyone's got her own version of this Southern delight. Ours has a bit of chipotle pepper to make it sing. Not too hot, just a tingle on your tongue. $8
~ Egg and Olive - Mixed olive tapenade dresses up this grandma fave. This is as happy between two slices of Wonder bread as it is on a toasted crostini (or, our way, on a spoon). Put on some whole wheat bread with a few leaves of arugula and you're talking slap-yo-mama good! $8
~ Giardino Salad - Of course, you could just put this on a plate and eat it up yum. But we like it on a crusty French roll with some provolone cheese. There's not much better of a summer delight than this sandwich, in our book. $8
~ Zingy Hummus - Lemony, garlicky, zingy. Roll this into a flatbread, add some sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Doesn't get much more summer goodness-y. $7
~ Duxelles - This French mushroom and shallot paste makes a roast beef sandwich holler Hidee-Ho (with a French accent, of course). $8
~ Curry Roasted Tofu Salad - Think groovy egg salad. $10
~ Olive Schmear - You don't have to save this for an H&H Bagel. Spread this cream cheese on some bread, add a hefty slice of Beefsteak tomato, a few leaves of baby spinach, take a bite and shake your booty. $8
~ Basil Pesto Schmear - See above! $7

Thai Lettuce Wrap Fillers - Easy, Quick, Tasty and Different serve hot or cold (priced per pound):

~ Ground Pork in Coconut Curry - Spicy savory and slightly sweet. Yum. $12
~ Coriander Chicken - Cubed white-meat chicken sauteed in a coriander wine broth. $12
~ Curry Roasted Tofu - Spicy and slightly charred tofu - so good! $8
~ Roasted Thai Eggplant with Fresh Basil - Simple and elegant. I don't like eggplant, but I LOVE this! $7

Burger Time
Da-da-da-dum-da-dum-da-dum Turn on your vent-a-hood, slap these in your skillet, real-quick, and then onto a bun, or not. Nothing says summer like a gourmet burger, right? Well, then add a beer to the mix and you're golden. (priced per one patty serving; uncooked and individually wrapped)

~ Feta, Kalamata, Oregano Turkey Burgers - We have these every couple of weeks. You won't believe how good these are! $5
~ Many Beans Veggie Burgers - The best think I can tell you is that my most carnivorous, vegan bashing, friend will eat the heck out of these. Even Tony Bourdain would like them! $6
~ Kinda Like a Crabcake Salmon Burger - These don't have to have a bun, but I like bread, so, well, there ya go! $6

Still available this week are most of the items on our regular menu. These are just what WE want for dinner, and think you'll like them too!

Having a back-to-school party? How about a cool mascot cake, or an apple cake for your teacher? Start the year off right!