Friday Specials ~ Available today for after-work pickup (if you work "normal" hours, that is):

~ Homemade "Traditional" Tomato Salsa (I've been recently told this was the "Best Salsa Ever") ~ $5/pint
~ Walnut Dijon Chicken Salad ~ $10/pound
~ Spicy Feta Dip WITH (bonus) accompanying crudite (Dinner's Ready!) ~ $7/pound
~ Blue Cheese Dip WITH (bonus) accompanying crudite (Picnic Time!) ~ $7/pound
~ Green Olive Vinaigrette ~ $7/pint
~ Olive Tapenade WITH (bonus) crackers ~ $14/pound
~ NEW: Whole Wheat Carrot Apple Bread ~ $7/loaf

I'll take orders until 1pm for 5pm+ pickup.

Have a birthday coming up?? Plan ahead - we can make a fantastic, memorable, cake for your special occasion!