Today's Specials!!

Happy Friday!!!! Today we're cooking:

Thai Sesame Noodle Salad - A little garlicky, and little peanutty, a touch of Sriracha, a lot yummy! $7
~ Tomato Basil Pasta Salad - Tri-color vegetable rotini tossed in garden-fresh basil and tomato vinaigrette. Tangy and herbaceous. $6
~ Rosemary Dijon Potato Salad - What can we say? We love this stuff. $7
~ Goodnight Gracie's Super Famous Incredibly Delicious Walnut Dijon Chicken Salad - Don't just take our word for it; try it out. You'll become a believer. We promise. $10
~Pimiento Cheese - Yep, we know everyone's got her own version of this Southern delight. Ours has a bit of chipotle pepper to make it sing. Not too hot, just a tingle on your tongue. $8
~ Egg and Olive - Mixed olive tapenade dresses up this grandma fave. This is as happy between two slices of Wonder bread as it is on a toasted crostini (or, our way, on a spoon). Put on some some whole wheat bread with a few leaves of arugula and you're talking slap-yo-mama good! $8
~ Olive Schmear - You don't have to save this for an H&H Bagel. Spread this cream cheese on some bread, add a hefty slice of Beefsteak tomato, a few leaves of baby spinach, take a bite and shake your booty. $8
~ Basil Pesto Schmear - See above! $7
~ Feta, Kalamata, Oregano Turkey Burgers -Best Burger Ever. You won't believe how good these are! $5 per patty, uncooked.

Place your order by noon, and pick it up after 4:30 (quantities are limited since we make EVERYTHING fresh for you!).