This week's Spotlight Dishes:

Curry Tofu Salad (about which we received this e-mail: "OMG! I had to make myself stop eating the tofu with my fingers on the way home in the car. I got in, cut a tomato in half, and polished off that stuffed tomato in sloppy, happy satisfaction!!") - $10/lb - serves 4-6;

Rosemary Chicken Pot Pie (white meat chicken simmered with celery, potatoes, shallots and rosemary in white wine veloute, baked in a buttery pastry crust) -$14/pie - serves 4-6;

Masoor Dal with Fragrant Jasmine Rice (North Indian red lentil stew meets herbaceous Thai Rice, an interesting and complex flavor combination) - $8/lb (of dal, rice included, but served separately); and

Bread of the Week: Whole Wheat Rosemary Peach Bread (slightly sweet, slightly savory) $7/loaf.

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