Let us pack your picnic!!!

Sammy Basket
~ $14/person

Your choice of sandwich:

* Roast Turkey with brie, homemade honey dijon mustard, and thinly-silced Granny Smith apple on whole wheat bread
* Roast Beef with marinated mushrooms, horseradish sauce, and baby spinach, on French baguette
* Dijon Pork Loin with Swiss cheese and arugula on ciabatta.
* Walnut dijon chicken salad with baby spinach on whole wheat bread
* Giardiniera vegetables with provolone on French baguette

AND, your choice of two side items (served family-style):

o Tomato basil pasta salad
o Red cabbage cole slaw with ginger soy dressing
o Dijon potato salad

AND, your choice of one dessert:

o To-die-for chocolate brownies
o Mini bananas fosters cakes with brown sugar rum glaze
o Blueberry bars with lemon icing

Spread Smorgasbord

(Great with a bottle of wine, and extras like artisan cheese from Au Fond ~ we’ll be glad to fetch these for you - market price plus $5.)

Choose from our selection of spreads and dips, includes homemade crostini - priced per person

o Artichoke Parmesan spread ~ $3/person
o Three-olive tapenade ~ $4/person
o Spinach & gorgonzola pesto ~ $4/person
o Cayenne-spiked hummus (not toooo spicy!) ~ $3/person
o Smoked salmon dome with olive cream cheese filling ~ $4/person
o Spanish romesco (ancho almond spread) ~ $4/person
o Spicy feta dip w/mixed crudite ~ $4/person
o Gorgonzola dip w/mixed crudite ~ $4/person
o Honey yogurt dip w/ seasonal fruit ~$5/person
o To-Die-For chocolate brownies ~ $2/person

Plates, cups, and cutlery are $3/person (or we can use yours, for free!). We’ll also be more than happy to pack your picnic in your basket, or find a super cool one for you (market price plus $5).